Sika Sarnafil

Sika Sarnafil is the leading supplier and manufacturer of single ply roofing membranes for flat roofing. Sarnafil is known for large commercial projects for both new build and refurbishment.

Fully adhered systems will typically consist of a structural deck, adhered vapour control layer, adhered thermal insulation and adhered Sarnafil G410-EL or Sarnafil G410-ELF membrane. The type of membrane chosen will generally be determined by the level of aesthetic requirement, as G410-ELF felt-backed membrane masks more surface irregularities.

Mechanically fastened systems are suitable for both new and refurbishment projects of any size, proving cost efficient roofing systems for exposed applications. Ideally suited to projects where wind uplift is high, fast installation is required or the attachment of the existing roofing system is unsatisfactory, mechanically fastened systems are extensively used for large, lightweight metal decked structures such as distribution and logistics centres, warehouses, supermarkets, workshops etc.

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Sika Liquid Plastic

Sika Liquid Plastics manufacture seamless, cold applied, liquid roofing systems for the waterproofing of flat roofs, balconies, associated walls and more. Sika liquid Plastics manufacture elastomeric seamless polyurethane coating systems that are suitable for the waterproofing of new and the refurbishment and upgrading of existing cold flat roofs

Sika Liquid Plastics liquid applied membranes are high performance polyurethane coatings , which rapidly becomes resistant to rain damage. They cure to form a completely seamless, elastomeric membrane. Each system is fully reinforced with Sika Reemat Premium glass fibre matting. Systems are available to suit all client's budget requirements.

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Sika Trocal

Sika-Trocal Type S membrane is suitable for mechanically fastened roofs in both new build and refurbishment applications, and generally provide the most rapid and economic system to install, utilising a Sika-Trocal Laminated Metal Disc and thermally broken fastener to secure both the membrane and the insulation rather than the separate fastening system used by many other single ply systems.

A homogenous sheet, that is without any polyester fabric carriers, intended to be used solely as an exposed roof waterproofing membrane restrained against wind uplift forces by mechanical fasteners. Containing ultra violet stabilisers and fire retardants, Type S is highly resistant to ageing and industrial pollutants and will require no further surface treatments or coverings or any other maintenance throughout its service life. The absence of any carrier within the membrane means that the natural flexibility and extensibility of the product is left unrestricted so it has the ability to be fully utilised in absorbing all the movements that occur on any roof without failure.

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